Mexico's President Blows up Joe Biden's Border Talking Points

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The situation at the border is getting worse by the day, with an estimated two million people projected to cross illegally this year. Facilities are astronomically overcapacity, children are sleeping on floors, and CBP doesn’t have the resources to even begin to stem the tide.


Yet, the Biden Administration, or excuse me, the “Biden-Harris administration”, per a new White House directive, has refused to take responsibility. They claim all of this is somehow Donald Trump’s fault even though this surge started after Biden’s election. Trump also didn’t cancel the border wall and the Remain in Mexico policy.

Today, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who himself was never much of a fan of the former president, decided to blow up Biden’s excuses by pointing out exactly why the illegal immigrant surge is happening.

“Better treatment” here translates to not deporting people who enter the country illegally. The actual conditions at the CBP holding facilities were never going to be any different under Biden (there are only so many ways you can detain people), and if anything, those conditions are worse now due to the massive overcrowding that is happening.

Regardless, as the Mexican President notes, the perception put out there during the 2020 campaign by Biden has turned into reality. It doesn’t matter if Biden’s deportation “freeze” wasn’t meant to apply to new crossers, the message broadcast to Central America was clear — the border is now open and we are getting rid of Trump’s enforcement policies.


In some ways, that message was what actually happened. With the Remain in Mexico policy gone, Biden incentivized illegal immigrants to cross with the express intent of being detained to claim asylum. The border wall construction being stopped, even putting aside its effectiveness, was also a big signal that enforcement was not being taken seriously anymore.

Biden claimed in a recent interview that illegal immigrants weren’t coming because of things he said. That’s just objectively false at this point. Not only have left-wing, American news outlets interviewed border crossers and gotten the “wrong” answer, but Mexico’s president is also saying exactly what is happening. That’s not good news for Biden, Jen Psaki, and an administration that is trying desperately to obfuscate from their failures.

They’ve lost control of the message, and that’s never a good thing in politics.




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