Kamala Harris' Reaction to Being Asked About the Border Was Just Flat-Out Awful

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden called an early lid today at 1:13 p.m. Now that’s some kind of a workday. Too bad we all can’t have that kind of a workday!

But he left his people like Jen Psaki and his most frequent companion and handler, Kamala Harris, to deal with the border fallout in his place.


Harris was flying to Florida to pitch the Biden bill that they already passed. It’s pretty astounding how much they think they have to sell it, read spin it. It’s all about propaganda, which clearly is the priority here.

Harris was asked by a reporter if she had any plans to visit the border. But apparently that was a laughing matter to Kamala Harris, because she just started laughing in response as she said, “Not today,” as she touched and adjusted her mask before she said that she probably would go back at some point.

Now, as we found out during the campaign, she tends to laugh when she feels cornered and/or wants to avoid the question. That’s her “tell.” So we know what she felt about answering it.

Let’s remind her that about the thousands of kids that she has in cages, who are being held longer than the law allows and because of being so overwhelmed not getting out, not seeing the sun and going hungry, including some very little kids.


Is that funny to her? Is that funny that she’s involved in it? How about that Joe Biden opened up the very same facility that she, Kamala, protested against in Homestead, Florida? Is that a laughing matter too?

Is it funny that they’re trying to cover it up and block media access to the facilities and to the CBP? Is that transparency?

Imagine if Mike Pence had laughed like that when asked the question. You know it would be leading every cable network station 24/7 with full analysis on how harmful that all was, and how heartless. If it had been Trump they would have claimed it was impeachable. But apparently, Democrats only have an issue with ‘cages’ when Democrats are not in charge.


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