Trump, Jr Posts Video of 'What Really Happened' to Biden on Stairs, Media Wants to Make Sure You Know It's 'Edited'

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Joe Biden’s multiple falls going up the ramp to Air Force One has been the big story of the day.
Fortunately, they are saying he’s alright, although typically they are refusing to answer real questions on the matter.


As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, the Biden team is now giving an “excuse,” claiming that Biden fell because of the “wind.” While there was a fair amount of wind as the video showed, if Biden is blown over by the wind, that could be a bigger problem than tripping on stairs.

But the internet and social media being what they are, naturally there are now mixes, versions with music added, and all sorts of things.

But Donald Trump, Jr. shared a viral video of “what really happened.”

But in what has to be the most hilarious take of the day, The Hill actually went to the trouble of sort of ‘factchecking’ Trump, Jr’s tweet, reporting on it and noting that it was “edited.” Seriously? You think that we really have to be informed about that and can’t tell ourselves?


So they report that this is “edited” rather than analyzing incessantly “what it all means” that Biden fell on the stairs multiple times, as they would have done had it been President Donald Trump?

In their take on Biden falling, they also went straight to “Republicans pounce.”

After Biden’s stumble, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield and deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre both said the president was OK, waving off any concerns.

Still, the video was widely circulated on the right. The former president often questioned physical and mental Biden’s stamina during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The story isn’t “Republicans pounce,” guys or even Trump, Jr’s video — although that has some news value perhaps. It’s “why did he fall, is he okay and is this another sign of a continuing problem?” But it is a “story” when the media is so busy running from the real story, they try to substitute other stories like this and his later version being “edited.”


People found the humor in The Hill trying to explain this all to us.

Some actually thought someone at The Hill was just looking for a reason to share the Trump, Jr version, and wrapped a story around it as a justification.

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