The Latest Biden Move to Quell Concerns About No Press Conference, and We're Not Buying It

The Latest Biden Move to Quell Concerns About No Press Conference, and We're Not Buying It
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The questions have become a torrent about why Joe Biden hasn’t done a press conference yet.

It’s been 54 days since he came in, the longest distance without one in 100 years. Biden’s 15 prior predecessors all gig within 33 days.

Now, as we previously reported, it’s not just conservative media raising the question, but the liberal media like The Washington Post and the New York Times.

Jen Psaki said that Biden would be doing one soon, before the end of the month.

Now we’re hearing word that Biden will be giving an interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Is this what she’s talking about? Because that surely isn’t a press conference.

Stephanopoulos announced that the interview would air on Wednesday. It’s supposed to cover the Wuhan coronavirus and the bill just passed. But of course, it’s a pre-taped interview, with an interviewer who was a Democratic operative. Stephanopoulos worked for both the Clinton campaign and the Clinton administration. This isn’t exactly an unbiased press conference, if this is what they are going to try to sell us.

Some even speculated whether Biden might get final approval of the cut, a good question for other media to ask Stephanopoulos about the interview.

Also another good question would be did he get the questions ahead of time in order to be able to prepare for them?

Biden previously sat down for a softball interview with CBS’ Norah O’Donnell that aired before the Super Bowl.

He also previously did a town hall with Stephanopoulos in October which also wasn’t exactly a tough thing. At a time when the scandal involving his son Hunter was blowing up, Biden wasn’t asked anything about it by Stephanopoulos.

Not only hasn’t Biden done a presser, his handlers have excited comment by always trying to steer him away from any press questions immediately after he makes any small comments, as we’ve previously reported when he was maneuvered out of harm’s way at a stop at a hardware store.

So if they try to sell this as the “press conference,” expect even some from the liberal media to have an issue with being fended off with this and the lack of transparency. Do I expect them to cover anything beyond softball questions? No, not if how Stephanopoulos dealt with it in October is any example.

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