NYT Reporter Raises Issue of Biden Avoiding a Press Conference, but the Left Can't Handle It and Flips Out

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Some in the liberal media (although largely not the cable news network media like CNN or MSNBC) have been showing some unhappiness with the way that Joe Biden has been dealing with the press. Between the constant failure to get real answers from his team, to him not holding a press conference so far since he’s come in, they’re feeling the lack of transparency and now raising questions about why there is not more interaction from Biden, why it isn’t him taking the lead on issues like the border.


NBC’s Peter Alexander, for example, asked Psaki: “If you want to send the message to migrants that the border is closed, shouldn’t President Biden be the one who is clearly delivering that message?” Alexander even asked why the Biden team wasn’t giving any credit to the Trump Administration for developing the vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus. Psaki credited science for the vaccine but not Trump. Alexander reminded her that it was Operation Warp Speed through which the vaccines were developed, ultimately to the distribution point.

Then today Peter Baker of the New York Times antagonized many on the left by linking a WaPo story and questioning why Biden hasn’t had a press conference yet, with Thursday being 50 days since he came in.

As the WaPo noted and we’ve previously reported, it’s the longest anyone has gone in the past 100 years. Back to when Calvin Coolidge was president, known as ‘Silent Cal,’ which shows you how unprecedented Biden’s silence is.


But the left is so invested in spinning on behalf of Biden, they don’t recognize or care that perhaps the American people deserve answers and even the press deserves transparency. That maybe we should be concerned especially if there are questions about his competence.

Why should we be asking any questions of a Democratic president? Their comments are truly an exercise in delusion. They melted down for hours on Twitter at Baker for his comment which was a mere statement of fact. Here’s just a sample.

Breakneck speed, that’s a good one.


Sure, why bother? He shouldn’t have to answer any questions at all right, just issue edicts from on high that are spun by his press team. We never even have to see him at all or even see what kind of health he is in, right? That’s not important. Don’t you dare even ask!


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