Ben Rhodes Gets Eviscerated by Janice Dean After His 180-Degree Pivot on Cuomo

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You may recall former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

Rhodes tended to have a high opinion of himself and a low opinion of everyone with whom he disagreed, despite the fact that he was frequently wrong.


Reminder of how dismissive he was of young reporters when he himself was quite frankly as “know nothing” as they were. This is the guy who bragged about creating an echo chamber with the media to get the Iran Deal passed.

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. They literally know nothing,” Rhodes wrote.

Here’s one infamous Ben Rhodes moment that’s hard to forget (Titanic music added), and how shell-shocked he was about Hillary Clinton losing and President Donald Trump winning.

He’s a bit like Paul Krugman, a master at always being wrong.

He proved it again on the issue with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo — and Janice Dean was there to call him out.


Boy, that’s some spin, as Dean points out.

She then reminded him of what he had previously said about Cuomo.

Rhodes said Cuomo was a “good reminder that it’s good to elect people who know what the role of government should be – a reflection of our values, and an institution that can perform functions that no one else can.” He said that about Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic, quoting Cuomo’s comment about his mother, a terribly ironic comment since while his mother wasn’t expendable, one day later he apparently thought many others’ mothers were, including Janice Dean’s mother-in-law, who died in a New York nursing home after Cuomo’s March 25th order.

Can we say how wrong Rhodes was on so many levels? But, so typical to now act as though the first tweet was never out there, or that he was willing to praise Cuomo simply if it meant adding another dig at President Donald Trump? Funny how the constant TDS and efforts to undermine Trump just expose Democrats’ hypocrisy like this. It shows just how shallow their “values” truly are.


That’s gonna hurt. They’ve got you nailed there, Ben.

Let’s hear our Joe Cunningham close it out on Ben.

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