Cuomo Video Is a Window Into How Slimy He Truly Is, But Now Subpoenas May Be Coming

Cuomo Video Is a Window Into How Slimy He Truly Is, But Now Subpoenas May Be Coming
Office of the NY Governor via AP

As we reported earlier today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s staff successfully pressured the New York State Health Department to remove the information that more nursing home residents had died from the Wuhan coronavirus than the administration had admitted.

This action obscured the much greater number of deaths related to nursing homes, real numbers that are believed to have been at least 50% higher, then Cuomo’s administration had reported, thus blunting the criticism of Cuomo for his March 25 nursing home order forcing them to accept coronavirus positive patients. It allowed Cuomo to deflect blame and helped him carry out his plan to write a book on his “success” against the virus. It also gave him more time to deflect from turning over real numbers that were being pressed for by the state, federal agencies and media.

How low do you have to be to not only seek to coverup the information but then try to profit from it with a book as well?

So now, in retrospect, knowing what was allegedly done by his people, check out this video of what Cuomo said after the report came out in July, how he argues it was all just a political conspiracy against him, all just political lies and that this report (that his people allegedly influenced) proves it.

What a disgusting slime ball. This is who this character is. Notice how he acts like he never issued an order forcing the nursing homes to take the virus positive patients, that’s all false, he claims. Not to mention the coverup of the numbers.

But the net may finally be slowly closing.

This now adds to the things that the federal prosecutors will be looking at in addition to the admissions already made by his aide that they weren’t turning over information because they were concerned about potential federal prosecution, according to Jimmy Vielkind of the Wall Street Journal. As we previously reported, there is a federal investigation underway.

On top of all that federal investigation and the New York Attorney General looking into the sexual harassment allegations, now the NY Post’s Bernadette Hogan is reporting that the Senate is talking about getting subpoena power and getting members of Cuomo’s administration in to testify under oath. That’s when all this will really fall apart for him because these folks may not talk when they’re afraid of him, but they also aren’t willing to go to jail for him either.

Hopefully that will finally take this character down, because he obviously doesn’t have enough shame to resign after all he’s done.

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