Amazon Changes Its Brand New Logo, the Reason Why Reveals How Crazy Social Media Has Gotten

Amazon Changes Its Brand New Logo, the Reason Why Reveals How Crazy Social Media Has Gotten
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There is no doubt that social media has changed the world and internet communication has brought a lot of wonderful things to our society.

But it also seems to have helped accentuate crazier aspects of society, like tribalism, conspiracy theories and mob mentality. We’ve seen how it can feed cancel culture for example when the leftist mob focuses on a target and then tries to cancel someone or something. We’ve seen for four years the harm of spreading the false Russia collusion conspiracies and every other TDS crazy thing that media/Democrats pushed down the pike.

At this point, it seems like people are just primed to be manipulated by media to find offense at anything the media tells them they should be offended by, otherwise we wouldn’t have the story we have today, the “outrage of the day.”

So let’s start by asking you if you see it without me telling you what it’s supposed to be.

Are you outraged? Are you asking yourself how could those evil people at Amazon do that?

If not, it’s because you haven’t been prompted and aren’t experiencing pareidolia (seeing faces in ordinary objects).

So here’s what the some of the people on social media claimed this was.

They thought that for some reason an Amazon logo was the face of Hitler.

Amazon introduced the new icon on the left in January but then changed it to the icon on the right after getting responses that the one on the left resembled Hitler.

Maybe it says something about liberals that they keep seeing Nazis in everything from a stage at CPAC to an Amazon logo. But it’s nuts and we shouldn’t be catering to and acceding to such mental illness that social media mania creates.

Oh, please don’t get them started on something else now.

At what point do people say enough with the cancel culture and being offended by every imaginary image? Or imagining conspiracies and Nazis in the salad? This is not healthy. Maybe in part it’s gotten worse because some seem to have way too much time on their hands in a society that has already been jacked around by the pandemic restrictions.

As we see Texas and other states saying today enough already to the restrictions and the mandates, maybe that will help this other underlying sickness that seems to be pervasive. Unfortunately there are some illnesses in our society right now other than the pandemic that might stay around a bit longer than that.

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