Jen Psaki Explains to Voter What Is 'First and Foremost' When Asked About Help for a Small Business

Jen Psaki Explains to Voter What Is 'First and Foremost' When Asked About Help for a Small Business
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How deeply ridiculous have identity politics gotten with the Biden team?

Press Secretary Jen Psaki is perhaps one of the best examples of their approach. Reporters ask a question about GameStop, Psaki didn’t want to answer so she fills in with that Janet Yellen is a female treasury secretary.

That’s bad enough when you’re responding to a reporter and giving him gas. But if you’re responding to a real voter, that’s just ridiculous and insulting.

Here’s Psaki talking with a voter who asks what are they going to do to help his/her small business. Now understand this is something they took time to put together and put out, not a normal briefing. She’s got soft lighting, make-up and hair done, with presumably easy questions to answer and look good for the propaganda video. So this is what they say after putting out this professional video.

You can imagine all the problems that the small business owner might be having possibly because of lockdowns, losing business, maybe not being able to pay employees. You would expect Psaki to respond with something along the lines of what the Biden team would be able to do to help respond whatever the particular questions the person has.

But “first and foremost,” she says something else.

“First and foremost,” Psaki says, “He nominated a woman to lead the Small Business Administration.”

Exactly how would the fact that there’s a woman in charge do anything to help the person’s business? How does that help keep that business’ doors open? How does that help the business survive?

That Psaki prioritizes this as the most important thing that she can say to the person to help them out “first and foremost” is just warped. It isn’t about really answering or getting things done “first and foremost.” But if the choice is a woman that must make everything wonderful automatically and every problem is solved because they’ve checked the identity box.

She does ultimately go on to talk about the “American Rescue Plan” which is the Biden stimulus plan. But she doesn’t say specifically what could help the business owner in that plan or how the business owner would go about accessing any help. She also mentions that Biden signed an executive order to make it easier for a minority-owned small business to get access to funding. What if the person isn’t a minority? How’s that going to help him/her?

You can see the whole video here and have to deal with the treacly references to Major and Champ, the dogs.

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