Nancy Mace Finishes AOC Again, 'I'm Living Rent Free in Her Head'

AP Photo/Mic Smith

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) recently did an Instagram video about her experience on Jan. 6.

But she got more attention than she bargained for after it was made clear that she wasn’t in the Capitol building but in another office building almost half-a-mile away. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) also clarified that there were no rioters in the mutual hallway that the two shared in the Cannon House Office building. Not to mention her whole incident went down almost an hour before the building was breached at the Capitol.

Those facts put her story in perspective, showing no, it wasn’t the “very close encounter” that she claimed it to be in another video and that she wasn’t ever in any danger in person from any rioters.

That’s what caused AOC to meltdown over the past few days, attacking Mace and accusing her of “dishonesty and opportunism” for daring to point out the truth.

Mace did an epic clapback, but AOC kept spewing as we reported earlier, claiming Mace was “intentionally hurting other women and survivors to make a buck.” Because apparently pointing out AOC’s spinning is “hurting other women and survivors.” Never mind that Mace is an actual survivor of sexual assault.

On Sunday, Mace said she was just astounded at the vitriolic reaction of AOC to the truth.

From Fox News:

“I simply literally just tweeted one sentence and said there were not insurrectionists in the hallway and I was two doors down from her and it was mass hysteria for like two days and I’ve been living rent-free I guess in her Twitter account all weekend as well,” Mace responded on “The Next Revolution” Sunday.

Mace told host Steve Hilton that she was “kind of mind-boggled” by the New York Democrat’s aggressive response.

“Telling the truth gets you attacked in this country?” she said. “I mean, that’s not the American way.”

AOC just can’t stop, proving that old adage “methinks she doth protest too much.” She dug herself a hole and now has to keep trying to dig her way out of it. But she knows people get it and that’s what’s sticking in her craw. That’s why she had to send out her flying monkey brigade of trolls to try to mass report comments or posts to Facebook and Twitter.

But Mace didn’t wilt under the attack. In her letter, Mace wrote, “[U]nlike AOC, I deal in facts, not fiction, and the fact is: She was safe in her office.”

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