Rashida Tlaib's Tearful Account of the Capitol Riot That She Wasn't Anywhere Near

Rashida Tlaib's Tearful Account of the Capitol Riot That She Wasn't Anywhere Near
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Last night, we reported on the group therapy session that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) led for a “special hour” authorized by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

This was organized after AOC’s Instagram story came under fire when it was clarified that she wasn’t even at the Capitol building, that her office where she was at the time was in the Cannon building, a six-minute walk away and there were no rioters that came anywhere near her at that office. Further, there had been no rioters breaching the Capitol at that point when she says she heard a banging on her door — her “story” came about an hour before anything really occurred and her building was never breached.

But as they went through the hour, AOC and Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) pushed the idea that somehow it was wrong to question anyone’s “lived experience.” This appears to have been all about supporting her “experience”, apparently, even if they were in a building almost a half-mile away or not even in the Capitol. Even if they say, as AOC did, crazy things like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to have her murdered.

But we just got the video of the contribution of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to the hour. But Tlaib wasn’t in the Capitol building any more than AOC was.

She says, “What happened on January 6th, all I could do is thank Allah I wasn’t here. I felt overwhelming relief and I felt bad for Alexandria, so many of my colleagues, they were here.” Well, no, AOC wasn’t.

Tlaib also used the moment to talk about her “diverse” staff, not naming them or saying who they were, but just saying they were black, Muslim, and LGBTQ people on her staff.

What must the world think of us when they see congressional members behaving this way? While certainly there were legitimate concerns by the people there, not a single member of Congress was physically accosted.

Tlaib didn’t have this reaction when businesses were being burnt by radical leftists over during the summer and the continuing riots against the government in Portland. She and the squad whipped up the anger against the federal officials just trying to defend the federal courthouse from the months of violent attacks. Over 30 people were killed, by some reports, across the country during those riots, with hundreds of cops being injured. But Democrats either looked away, embraced the BLM, called Antifa “just an idea,” or donated to bail funds that helped rioters. When Americans were in danger, protecting them wasn’t her first thought, supporting the radical ideology was.

Her first thought when she got into office was promising that she would “impeach the mother**ker,” obviously not having anything they could impeach him over at that point but just wanting to take out the duly-elected president because he was against their political philosophy.

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