AOC Leads House Floor 'Group Therapy Session' About Jan. 6, Cori Bush's Response Is Something Else

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) didn’t think you’d gotten enough of her spin on her ‘near death’ experience before what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Now in addition to the Instagram video of more than an hour and her over a hundred tweets that include fighting with other members and how dare anyone question her experience, she’s going to lead a “special hour” where she and other members can vent their souls about what happened.

Now, there were some representatives who were in the Capitol building and were in the vicinity of the action going down. Just AOC wasn’t one of them. We’ve talked about how her account has been very manipulative. Which it was again today.

According to Michael Tracy, AOC was basically saying that no one could question her account because it hurts the trauma of survivors everywhere.

That’s nuts.

So we should just accept uncritically AOC’s story about her experience despite it not happening in the Capitol building, it happening at least an hour before the Capitol building was breached and there being no actual threat from rioters physically to her? Despite her out-and-out lying about aspects of it, like claiming “Trump supporters planted bombs” when there’s no evidence to support that as of this moment. A bomb was actually left at the RNC which put the RNC in more danger than AOC was in her office on Jan. 6. We should just accept and not question her ridiculous claim without evidence that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) plotted murdering her? Or should we be honest and say that’s conspiracy theory and dangerously divisive?

But that was the common theme of the variety hour. That if it’s “trauma” and “lived experience,” one wasn’t allowed to question it.

“Everybody’s experiences are different, and everybody’s experiences must be validated,” claimed Cori Bush. So why didn’t AOC validate Nancy Mace’s truthful experience that there were no attackers in the hallway she shared with AOC? This “validation” thing appears to have some big holes. Do only Democrats get validated and have their narrative accepted even if it’s in the wrong building?

No, everyone’s experience is not equal. The experience of someone in the Capitol is going to be different than that of someone in another building six minutes away. The experience of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who was shot at by a Bernie Bro, harassed and pushed by leftist BLM protesters in August and attacked by his liberal neighbor who broke six of his ribs is not the same as that of Congress members who suffered no such harm or attack.

Meanwhile, a lot of the response from Americans to this event amounted to: why are you having this struggle session while we’re still waiting for virus relief from lockdowns that destroyed our jobs and economy? Do you care about the months of rioting that killed Americans, injured hundreds more and destroyed billions in property and jobs?

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