Psaki Mocks Branch of the Military When Asked About the Space Force, Then Has No Idea of the Response

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Let’s face it. So far, Jen Psaki has not covered herself in glory in her performance as a press secretary.

Occasionally, you do have to answer a question, you can’t just say, “I’ll circle back” to everything (and then not do so). People will notice and talk. It hasn’t taken long, as we reported.


Psaki then got snippy and claimed it was “conservative media” that was cracking on her “circle back.” How dare people hold her to account and expect answers to questions! Silly us! But strangely enough, sometimes even the MSM, which hands her softballs, needs answers to their questions.

Turns out, as we reported earlier, even with the easier time the media was giving her as compared to how they treated Kayleigh McEnany, Psaki still needed help and was trying to get advance notice about what questions were going to be asked at briefings. Someone wisely realized that that was ultimately going to come out and look really bad, so the Daily Beast dropped the goods on that effort today.

But she didn’t seem to be ready today for a question from Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove. Or if this was her prepared response, it was a really horrible one because she ended up mocking a branch of the military, the Space Force.

Wingrove asked if Biden had made a decision on keeping the Space Force as President Donald Trump had constituted it. She mocked the branch, describing the question as “the plane of today!” and made it clear she didn’t even know who the White House contact for that branch of the military is.


“Wow… Space Force,” she said. “It’s the plane of today. It is an interesting question. I’m happy to check with out Space Force point of contact, I’m not sure who that is, I will find out, to see if we have any update on that.”

Ok, it’s still pretty early in her tenure, but it’s sort of important to know who your contacts in the military are. She was previously a deputy press secretary so you would think she would know something about the job.

On top of that, why is she mocking the Space Force? Again, this is something Democrats and media justified because it was part of their TDS to mock President Donald Trump for creating it. But it’s an important part of the military, that showed Trump’s understanding and forethought about protecting our assets in space (it’s not about NASA, it’s about unifying the effort to protect those assets). Mocking a branch of the military is really a bad look for a press secretary. Imagine if Kayleigh McEnany had done it, there’d be stories all over CNN and MSNBC. MSM spent weeks on the false story of President Donald Trump supposedly saying something mocking about the military which everyone present at the event said he never said. But media still amplified it beyond all reason and there are people who believe it because of the media.


Wingrove also observed that she failed to give him any detail about his other questions too.

Defense reporter Kevin Baron did notice the mockery from Psaki.

But it’s an important question and let’s hope they keep it because it’s already become vital for our protection.

The branch has already become so important that it foiled an Iranian missile attack against an American base in Iraq on Jan. 7, 2020, and giving the military an early warning to be able to get to their bunkers in time.


So where are the Democrats/media to say this isn’t the way one should respond about a branch of the military?

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