Reporter Tries to 'Circle Back' on a Question With Jen Psaki, and It Goes All Kinds of Wrong

Reporter Tries to 'Circle Back' on a Question With Jen Psaki, and It Goes All Kinds of Wrong
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Jen Psaki hasn’t been the Press Secretary for Joe Biden very long. But she’s already working up a reputation for having difficulty answering a question.

Of course, that’s only to anyone who actually wants real answers.

So for someone like John Harwood, Psaki’s failure to provide any answers is just great. It’s even “disciplined.”

For the rest of us, who want real responses, like what the reporters used to get from Kayleigh McEnany, not so much.

But we have learned Psaki’s go-to line when she doesn’t know something or when she’s trying to avoid answering the question. She uses it so much that it became glaringly obvious. She’ll “circle back” to that question, at some point in the future.

However, as Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson found out when she asked about Biden suspending an executive order of President Donald Trump’s that protected against having foreign equipment from being used in our power grid because of concerns about China’s backdoors in equipment, Robinson found that she was not “circled back” to.

So someone did try to follow up with her on a promised “circle back” during the briefing. Needless to say, it did not go well.

She ended up having to say essentially she would circle back, although she avoided the use of the term. But look at how she’s flipping all through her briefing book having no idea what the answer is or where it might be. Now that might be consistent with Joe Biden so she may be the right, representative press secretary.

But let’s take a look at what a real “disciplined briefer” is. This is what organization and competence looks like. Fox, take note.

Watch how a competent press secretary responds to even a silly question about whether the President has the right to have federal agents protect federal property and officers being attacked with arson attempts and explosive fireworks in Portland.

That’s what a press secretary is supposed to do, prepare, be well briefed ahead of time, giving real answers to even the silliest of questions. And that’s with a constantly hostile media, not the media that Jen Psaki is presented with, a media that will give her any and every chance and spin whatever she says positively, to help Biden.

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