Fox May Have Found an Incentive to Draw Trump Supporters Back, But Will They Actually Do It?

It’s safe to say that Fox News needs some help.

Since they basically blew apart their brand when they early called the Arizona race for Joe Biden and said that the Democrats would gain seats in the House, conservatives basically have thrown them over for other places like OAN and Newsmax. It was a process over a period of time, but that was a final straw for many.


That resulted in Fox having just horrible ratings since, even coming in behind CNN and MSNBC.

Fox has since tried to shake up their network a bit and realign their programming, getting that they’d ticked off their base.

It’s possible that they just may have found a little bit of an incentive to draw Trump supporters and other Republicans back to the network.

According to The Hill, Kayleigh McEnany was in talks to join the network and she listed employment with Fox starting in January after she left the White House in a financial disclosure form published by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW).

But now those talks are on hold according to “a source familiar with the matter.” The network does remain open to hiring her in the future, the source said, given it does “not condone cancel culture.”

Fox says she isn’t “currently an employee or contributor.” “Currently” being the operative word, it seems.

Here’s the thing.

Trump supporters in the main loved McEnany because she really did speak truth to power and was always at the ready to deal with the hostile Trump-hating media with the perfect response. She’s incredibly sharp and would actually bring some interest and fire back to the network.


Hiring here would also make people get that you were trying to rectify the backward direction the network had been going in, trying to emulate other media pitching the same old Democratic narrative. It likely would bring people back to the network because there’s no doubt it would send a positive signal as well as add an interesting person.

Now, not hiring her after obviously being in talks with her, sends the opposite signal.

Do you or do you not “condone cancel culture?” They’ve managed to stand in the breach in the efforts against Tucker Carlson for example. Is that more about money or more about principle?

There is no doubt that they will get a lot of blowback from the left if they hire her.

But if they have paused hiring her because they are scared of leftist reaction (i.e. cancel culture), then goodbye, they’re done and there’s no saving them.

They just hired Larry Kudlow who worked for the Trump Administration but he wasn’t out as much in front as McEnany who became a target of the crazies on the left. Some on the left have been all over social media urging people not to hire any Trump administration people and shut them down from future jobs. Can we say fascists? They are in fact the fascists they complain others are.


But Fox needs to choose now. Do you stand in the breach against the fascist crazies or do you actually stand up?

Whether you get your audience back depends on it.


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