Jen Psaki's Answer on Why Biden Suspended Rule Protecting US Power Grid From China Is Incredibly Concerning

Jen Psaki's Answer on Why Biden Suspended Rule Protecting US Power Grid From China Is Incredibly Concerning
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Biden staffers like Jen Psaki have been lying their heads off about the Trump administration not having a “plan” to distribute the vaccine and claiming they’ve had to come up with how to meet their goal of 100 million vaccinated in 100 days.

Of course, that wasn’t true, the Trump administration had already been delivering vaccines at a rate of a million a day and they had Operation Warp Speed which had not only produced the vaccine in historic record time. As the Op Warp Speed explained, they’d already had about 300 meetings bringing the Biden folks up to speed. But Joe wants to lie about that so it looks like he’s doing something and not just plagiarizing something he inherited from President Donald Trump.

But they’re not just lying about things like this. They’re also failing to give fundamental answers to some pretty important questions. Such as about why Biden suspended by executive order for ninety days the protection that President Donald Trump had put in place against countries like China having access to our power grid.

Trump provided by executive order a protection against using foreign equipment in the power grid, particularly looking at China, known for building back doors into things to gather information.

We’ll give the media some credit for actually asking about Biden’s action, as they should, rather than just asking about his dogs or his favorite ice cream flavor. Of course, it was from a Newsmax reporter who asked.

But Psaki’s response was more than troubling.

“I’ll have to — I think the President’s view on our relationship with China I tried to do my best to convey to all of you. I’ll have to check on that specific piece, and we’ll — we’ll circle back with you directly.”

She had no real answer. She couldn’t explain why such a significant protection against China had been gutted, at least for three months or if that gutting would continue.

It’s especially concerning given China’s antipathy towards us, everything they’ve done to us with the coverup over the virus and the sanctions they’ve taken against our members of Congress. Not to mention Biden’s connections to China through his son.

Elsewhere in the responses to questions on China, Psaki also made more troubling comments, saying they wanted to deal with China “with some strategic patience.” Translation: we’re not going to say and do anything definitive to stop China.

If you recall, that’s a retread of Barack Obama where they would say things like that, never call China or Iran out on their nonsense, because they were being “patient” and then China and Iran would run right over them while they were sitting in the back rooms pondering what to do so as not to offend China and Iran.

Sounds like Joe is moving right back to that failure to respond script.

Obama would always say smooth things but then never actually be able to execute effective policy.

But Biden is a little different. Now we have not just the ineffective policy but not even the smooth response anymore.

By the way, that circling back? It hasn’t happened yet.

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