Video Difference: Trump Offers Law Enforcement Rest in Hotel, National Guard Under Biden Relegated to Garage

Video Difference: Trump Offers Law Enforcement Rest in Hotel, National Guard Under Biden Relegated to Garage
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We’ve been talking about the poor treatment of the National Guard with how they were booted out of the Capitol where they had been staying to rest in a cold garage, packed all together during a pandemic, with one bathroom.

Now not only was this mistreatment completely unnecessary, it might have been for a ridiculous reason of a Democrat complaining about one of the Guardsmen not wearing a mask, as we reported.

On top of all that, now there are reports that many of the members have now tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, likely because of being packed all together, coming from all over the country.

There were reports that President Donald Trump offered the National Guard the ability to rest at his hotel, the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. after they ended up in the cold garage under Joe Biden.

We haven’t been able to confirm it yet, although OAN has reported it. It may be unnecessary since they now have been allowed back into the Capitol, but we’re still trying to confirm the question.

But what we have confirmed is that the Trump Hotel was opened up earlier this week for the D.C. Police to rest in while they were helping to provide protection during the inauguration.

That says a lot about the care and concern that President Trump has for those who serve us. He’s always been a big supporter of both law enforcement and the military. That’s one of the reason so many of them are supportive of him.

Democrats on the other hand, not so much. As we noted, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) tried to cast aspersions on the Guard because yes, it’s likely that many supported Trump. But that wouldn’t stop them from doing their job according to their oath.

Here’s video of the Guard in the garage before they were allowed back into the Capitol. Shameful that they were all packed in like that.

Donald Trump, Jr. made the observation that had that happened under his father, the media would most certainly have grilled Kayleigh McEnany and been “outraged,” blaming it on Trump. But now, there were no questions directed to Jen Psaki about it and no apparent outrage directed at Biden from the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC.

Of course not, because now there are no scandals and Biden does nothing wrong, in the eyes of the MSM. They will be completely devoted to smoothing everything over for him.

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