Here's How Long Dems May Keep the National Guard in D.C.

Here's How Long Dems May Keep the National Guard in D.C.
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So we’ve been asking the question, now that the inauguration is over, what the heck is the National Guard still doing in Washington, D.C? What’s the reason for still keeping them there? What’s the mission?

Some states like Texas, Florida and New Hampshire are pulling their Guard units and bringing them home after they were relegated to a cold garage with one bathroom for 5000 people instead of being able to stay inside the Capitol during their rest breaks. Gov. Ron DeSantis scolded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying that the Guard were not her “servants.”

But it sure seems like Pelosi thinks so and has a wrong impression about what they are about. According to Ken Cuccinelli, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Pelosi not only asked for those massive numbers of troops, but she also asked for the Guard to have crew-manned vehicle mounted machine guns. Now that’s absolutely crazy, was she really envisioning Guard members machine gunning down Americans? Remember these are the same folks who ignored violent riots precipitated by BLM/Antifa for months and chastised President Donald Trump for responding to them with federal agents.

But now reports are suggesting that Pelosi wants them there into March, during impeachment proceedings. Are they kidding? The House is supposed to present the article of impeachment to the Senate on Monday.

So she’s going to try to use them like her personal Army till mid-March? Welcome to the security state. Based on what? Notice how they’re very happy to use the Guard for themselves yet not so much for other citizens during the months of rioting.

It sounds like they’re trying to use the impeachment trial as a justification for holding the Guard there longer. But maybe you shouldn’t be having an unconstitutional impeachment proceeding to begin with, when Trump isn’t even there to be removed, when the only point in wasting the taxpayers’ money is to try to prevent him from running against Democrats in 2024. So basically you’re wasting the government’s time and asking the taxpayers to pay for an impeachment to eliminate your political opponent, the same opponent you’ve effectively actually been trying to do in (can we say coup) since he won in 2016. The Senate shouldn’t go along with this, but it’s sounding like they’re going to.

The Defense Department said they are evaluating the need past January, that 7000 would be remaining through the end of the month but confirmed that yes, they could stay until mid-March, although they hadn’t made a final plan yet.

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