Actor Tim Matheson Takes a Nasty Bigoted Swipe at Melania, Gets Roasted in the Backlash

Actor Tim Matheson Takes a Nasty Bigoted Swipe at Melania, Gets Roasted in the Backlash
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We reported earlier about how Jill Biden is being lauded by the media for bringing the National Guard cookies after they were relegated to a cold garage under her husband but then allowed back into the Capitol.

In response, actor Tim Matheson (known for being Otter in Animal House and mostly forgettable roles), tweeted a fawning homage to Jill Biden. But in it, he also took a backhanded bigoted slap clearly aimed at Melania Trump.

“So wonderful to have a First Lady with class and heart,” he said. “And, can speak English!”

That’s pretty disgusting.

When it was pointed out to Matheson that he was a bigoted anti-immigrant jerk, he followed that up with an attempt to justify it.

“Comedy is sometimes cruelly honest,” he claims. “The ex-First Lady doesn’t have any of my respect for anything. Sorry.” Except he was neither honest or funny, in addition to being a bigot.

Melania Trump not only knows English, but is fluent in multiple other languages as well. Going to take a wild stab that she knows far more languages than does Matheson, not to mention has more class, clearly.

As we reported previously, unlike Jill Biden who was doing clean-up work for her husband and knew dropping off cookies would get wide network coverage as a photo op, Melania Trump would visit sick children and the military because she believed in it, knowing she would get no big network credit for doing so. That’s true charity and grace. Something Matheson would do well to learn.

Here’s just a sample, there are dozens.

Matheson later deleted the original offensive tweet and apologized, but it was too late.

Yeah, no, sorry, we don’t believe you. You only regret that you got a backlash.

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