Blue Lives Matter Group Has a Few Things to Say About the Left's Sudden Love for Police Officers

Blue Lives Matter Group Has a Few Things to Say About the Left's Sudden Love for Police Officers
RedState/Jennifer Van Laar

It seems that the left has suddenly discovered appreciation for the police.

You even had Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressing concern for police officers during the Capitol protest, after seemingly siding with the demonization of the police for the past several months during the BLM/Antifa protests/riots. She even accused federal officers (ICE) of running “concentration camps” and an Antifa member cited her language when he firebombed an ICE facility and was killed. Now suddenly she cares about police and “insurrections.”

Blue Lives Matter is a group that supports the police, run by active and retired police officers. They had a few things to say about this change of heart from folks on the left like AOC.

“The showing of love & compassion today from Democrats & Liberals for the welfare of police officers is amazing,” they said. “Too bad it never showed up while cops were being murdered by #BLM crowd while cities were being burned to the ground for months on end. Why now? Nevermind. We know.” Exactly. We all know.

The group then thanked the president for always having their back.

They’re right. The president has always supported law enforcement and always stood up for them. Trump supporters have always supported the police.

Meanwhile, the left has chosen to conveniently forget about their effort to defund the police, the damage that has caused and the people who have been hurt as a result. They’ve forgotten about their support for BLM protests/riots. Kamala Harris even donated to a bail fund to get out people arrested during the riots and urged others to donate as well. 13 Biden staffers also donated to the same fund. Hundreds of police officers have been injured in the far left riots since May. Over 30 people have been killed. There’s been billions in damage.

Police know who their true supporters are and they know when people are trying to use them for a political point.

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