Democrats 'Bracing for Defeat' in Senate Run-Offs in Georgia, According to Reports

Credit Perdue for Senate

There’s a lot on the line over the next two days – the Georgia run-offs today and the electoral count tomorrow. In these two days, the control of the Senate and really the fate of the nation hang in the balance.


Democrats have thrown everything they can into Georgia to try to get Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock over the line. But they have several problems. They’re not particularly appealing candidates, Ossoff lost before despite a ton of money being thrown his way and Warnock has baggage the size of Texas that he has to overcome, from radical remarks to abuse allegations.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have the edge traditionally in the state and they have tried to up their game, even bringing in the big gun, President Donald Trump, to help the candidates, Sen. David Perdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler get reelected. But it’s a question if people have been turned off from voting because of how the Nov. 3 election went and the failure to resolve issues of fraud and irregularities.

But it sounds like Democrats are pessimistic of their chances and despite having pumped it up a lot in the hopes to get out the vote, they don’t really think they’re going to prevail, according to Townhall. They cite a Politico account that the Biden team is “bracing for defeat,” and doesn’t think Democrats can pull off winning the two seats in Georgia. They don’t believe that the Democratic numbers are going to come out in the run-off that came out in the general election. As Politico observed, Perdue got 88,000 more votes than Ossoff. That’s a huge amount and a lot to make up. Both Republicans combined got 636,000 votes more than Warnock in the special election.


Of course, that’s applying logic and reality. But we saw logic and reality thrown out the window in the general election, along with rules and proper application of the Constitution in some places. So while that’s good, it’s hard not to worry about funny business happening again as this process rolls out. Are we going to see again Perdue and Loeffler having clear leads tonight, only to be eaten away by “found ballots” that seem to come from nowhere, just to make up the difference? Let’s hope that the poll watchers and Republicans are more on the ball, given what they’ve seen. But given the reaction of the Secretary of State and the prior actions, who knows. Raffensperger seemed to make it clear with his evasion on Fox News that he released the phone call his side had with Trump and the Trump campaign attorneys to hurt Trump and hurt David Perdue in the election. Media of course stepped in and did their best to spin it against Trump. We’ll have to see if it had any effect on the ultimate vote.


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