CNN Goes All in on Fauci Worship: From 'Lord and Savior' to Wolf Blitzer's Special Fauci Item

CNN Goes All in on Fauci Worship: From 'Lord and Savior' to Wolf Blitzer's Special Fauci Item
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We’ve been writing about how liberals seem to have made a cult to Dr. Anthony Fauci, without looking at him clearly.

As we reported, Mayor Muriel Bowser even declared today “Dr. Anthony Fauci Day” in D.C. to celebrate him (and his birthday), while it’s still Christmas Eve for most of the rest of country.

They laud him despite the fact that he’s admitted multiple times not telling Americans the truth, as I wrote earlier, even reportedly saying he didn’t think they had been “ready for the truth.” That’s just dishonest and not the way that a doctor is supposed to deal with the “science” of the matter.

But liberals, especially those in media, don’t seem at all bothered by that. Because they think he’s anti-Trump and so they fall all over themselves for him (even thought he’s publicly praised Trump’s response which they ignore).

CNN guy Austen Bundy literally calling Fauci “lord and savior.”

Let’s hope that was supposed to be a joke. But a bad one if so.

But it doesn’t look like it given how others from his network are lauding Fauci.

Check out this insanity from alleged objective journalist Wolf Blitzer.

He has a bobblehead of his cult idol. Oh, my.

Do you think it might be too much for Blitzer to ask his god-idol why he’s lied to the American public multiple times or does Blitzer think that’s a great thing? Is he even aware of it? I mean he is a “journalist” but he works for CNN so maybe not. Because maybe those are questions that journalists should be asking or at least bringing up about Fauci and his response.

But no, because their one and only measurement for any news seems to be: is it anti-Trump? If so then it’s all in for that (even if it isn’t true).

True. Too bad there are none to be found on CNN and in most of the mainstream media.

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