An Intriguing Email About the Clintons, Smartmatic and Elections

An Intriguing Email About the Clintons, Smartmatic and Elections
(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Remember liberal media and Democrats have told us we cannot ask questions about our election systems. Any such questioning is a “threat to democracy,” we’re told.

Of course, trying to undermine a political opponent by buying Russian disinformation and weaponizing the FBI against your opponent, then declaring him an illegitimate president for four years and having media attack everything he does isn’t a “threat to democracy.” Just asking questions about elections and Democrats.

So, here’s an interesting email that I’m sure we shouldn’t be asking any questions about.

A little background into who some of the players in the email are. Cheryl Mills was Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff and her right hand. Laura Graham was the former Clinton Foundation chief operating officer. Bob Nash was former senior advisor, James Lee Witt Associates, as well as a long time association with Bill Clinton from back to his Arkansas days. He was also a deputy campaign manager for the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.

The email appears to be discussion about obtaining a contractor for running elections in Haiti and the suggestion is Smartmatic from Nash. Graham responds that BC (Bill Clinton) “cannot engage” on this issue. But then Graham suggests he talk to Cheryl Mills about it.

Kyle Becker makes the interesting observation about how “successful” these elections that were mentioned were.

So what exactly was “successful” here?

It should be a non-political thing to say that we should be able to have complete trust in any election system we use, that they should not be foreign run or connected either to foreign governments or to powerful people seeking to be influence elections. That we should be able to be assured as to their accuracy.

But unfortunately, as I wrote about earlier, even just making the simple statement that, because of all the problems in the 2020 election, people have questions, that’s not something we’re supposed to ask. But we’ll keep asking those questions anyway.

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