Fox Drops News of Yet Another Federal Investigation Into Hunter Biden

What a complete and utter failure the media is at their job.

Or perhaps I should say they are great at the job that many seem to have chosen: being the media arm of the Democratic Party.


They are less great at their alleged jobs of being journalists.

We’re finally hearing a lot of the stories about investigations into Hunter Biden now, after the election.

Few other than conservative media were willing to put them out there before then, preferring to sit back or smear and treat the information like “Russian disinformation” rather than the real problem that it is and now the real problem it may portend for our country.

All of this could have been found and reported by the mainstream media. We reported on much of it. But they didn’t want to do their actual jobs.

Now Fox is saying that there’s even a new investigation, a fourth federal investigation, involving the Biden family.

According to Martha MacCallum, the investigation appears to be focused on Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China and his relationship with Burisma in Ukraine. It was launched by federal agents in Pittsburgh at the behest of Attorney General Bill Barr based on information that dug up by Rudy Giuliani, according to MacCallum.

MacCallum notes how Joe Biden was asked about all this today, as we earlier reported. “Did Hunter Biden commit a crime?” Reporters asked Joe Biden. But Biden refused to answer the question, perhaps answering the question better that way. “I’m proud of my son,” was all Biden would say. Keeping the American people “in the dark,” MacCallum opined.


MacCallum had on Brett Tolman who was a former U.S. Attorney for Utah who said that he thought that once there was false information being spread out there about it being Russian disinformation and 50 former intelligence community people like John Brennan spreading that nonsense, that he thought Barr could have clarified at that point that there was indeed credible information out there.

Tolman makes the point that they didn’t just have the lap top, but they also had the suspicious monetary transactions by Hunter Biden himself that they had been looking into. So it clearly wasn’t just “disinformation.”

MacCallum states during the spot that why didn’t Barr go ahead and just talk about it, given that it showed Joe Biden wasn’t involved. Not sure where she gets that from, but nothing I know says the investigation has concluded that Biden wasn’t involved. Indeed, more and more is coming out that indicates that indeed he was involved. As we reported earlier, there was even an email that has just emerged showing that Joe Biden may have shared offices with one of Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners.

MacCallum then spoke with Victor Davis Hansen and asked if he thought this would have made a difference in the election had Americans known all of this ahead of time. He said there were certainly polls supporting this, indicating that as much as 8 or 9% might not have voted for Biden. Davis lambasted the media for their actions, leaving us potentially with a possible president so ethically and potentially legally compromised.


Nice of everyone to talk about it now! We’ve just been screaming it from the rooftops for months. This is incredibly infuriating. Just shameful that the media took us to this place. Because whatever Barr thought about whether he should or should not have said anything, and it is normal procedure not to comment, the media was not restricted by any such rules.

They only did it to protect the Democrats and Joe Biden.


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