Nancy Pelosi Babbles Incoherently After Admitting Holding Up the Virus Relief Until She Thought Biden Won

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Maybe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) will never be voted out, given her district is San Francisco.

But what she just admitted to is so vile that she certainly deserves to be tossed out on her ear.


She had claimed for months that she was unwilling to accept a smaller COVID virus relief package. Republicans alleged she was holding off on relief so Americans would suffer more and blame President Donald Trump in the election, despite the fact that it was Nancy Pelosi who was holding it up.

Now, after the election is over, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, Pelosi’s finally willing to sign onto a smaller deal, now that she thinks Joe Biden has won. “It’s ok now,” she said. “Because now we have a new president.”


Trump offered stand alone bills. She still refused. So it was clearly all about helping get Joe Biden in.

She was willing to hurt millions of Americans if it helped her hold onto political power.

It was President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that’s gotten us three vaccines with over 94% effective, not Joe Biden. Notice how she doesn’t say that, already trying to swipe that credit from Trump.

But I wanted to point out that in addition to her statement being vile and revealing her craven desire for power, it sounds like she’s had a little bit too much liquid at lunch. It’s barely coherent, like Biden. She tries to say “build back better,” Biden’s slogan, but she trips all over her tongue. But it’s a slogan that he apparently lifted from folks who have pushed the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.”

These are the people who think they are our betters, that think they have the right to tell us what to do.


She may be delirious, but hey, her hair looks good, right? What poor little hair dresser did she make violate rules to get to do her hair?

Priorities, right?

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