Herschel Walker Tweets 'Handoff' Video From Georgia Election Count That's Raising Eyebrows

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People have been floating a lot of videos and theories about what went down in Georgia with the counting of votes at the State Farm Arena.

One bombshell video that I reported on yesterday even got the Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to call again for a signature audit, saying that the video raised more questions and there needed to be transparency.


The video in question allegedly showed poll watchers being asked to leave, saying that counting was done, but then the workers pulled out boxes of absentee ballots from under a desk and continued to count without the poll watchers present.

The official response has been that the watchers were not told to leave, despite the fact that the video supports they all left. Why would they leave if they weren’t told to do so and they swore affidavits under penalty of perjury that’s what happened. Georgia election officials also admitted that there were no monitors in the room but claimed the room was under video surveillance. Sorry but that doesn’t wash, especially when the camera can’t catch everything. Further why continue counting when you know the official observers are no longer there? That’s improper. So frankly the official “response” doesn’t reassure me at all.


It’s this kind of thing that makes people crazy and mistrustful of what’s going on, when people aren’t adhering to the rules that they set.

There were more videos today that raise questions, including one that was tweeted out by Herschel Walker, who called it “one of the best handoffs” he’s ever seen.

It’s important to note that we cannot identify what exactly has been passed, we cannot say for sure that it was a usb and it’s not clear that anyone did anything improper. You see them looking around and the man’s body partially blocks the camera. The older woman hands something to her daughter. Then some speculated that she hands that thing to the man, that’s not clear. But if you saw action like this on a casino camera in Las Vegas it would certainly perk up the eyes of the security. It does appear that something is handed off. It does appear that there are questions that need to be asked. The two women were part of the earlier video where observers were allegedly kicked out and counting continued.


But it’s just another one of those issues that seems to keep coming up around the conduct of this election. Georgia officials are not doing what they need to do with a full audit and an examination of these questions to ensure confidence, particularly given that we have a run-off election coming up. After all the questions about this election, the Secretary of State should be out in front answering all these questions.

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