Did Biden Just Say the Quiet Part Out Loud? 'I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign'

Joe Biden did an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, with Kamala Harris in tow.

As expected, there were no particularly tough questions. Time for the media to go into their slumber and/or coddling of Democrats.


As we reported, Biden declared that he would ask for people to wear masks in his first 100 days. Stunning and brave. And how is this different from what we’ve been doing for the last 262 days?

Biden also detailed how he supposedly broke his foot while playing with his dog. He has been prominently sporting a big boot on his right foot because of the hairline fractures.

But Joe being Joe, Biden still managed to get in some strange comments anyway, despite it being a largely softball interview, with Jake Tapper incorrectly addressing Biden as “Mr. President-elect.” Biden was asked about if he had disagreements with Kamala Harris on approach.


Biden said they were “simpatico” on “philosophy of government” and how they wanted to approach issues we were facing. He explained that when they disagree it’s similar to when he and Barack Obama disagree. They talk in private about the disagreement. “Like I told Barack, if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.” Oh my.

Now there’s two ways of looking at that comment. First, that he was talking about how he would have resigned if there were any fundamental disagreement, and that she thought similarly. Now you know she’d never do that. The look on Kamala Harris’ face as he said that was something else. You know there’s absolutely no way she’d resign any time soon if she were that close to grabbing the power she’s craved all her life. She looked at him like she was thinking, “Stop talking, you crazy guy.”

Second was just the words themselves, that he’d resign if he had a disagreement with her. That interpretation then played into the ongoing speculation that he would at some point step aside (or be pushed aside) for Kamala. Notice when he says that, Kamala Harris actually shakes her head no. No, I wouldn’t resign if we had a disagreement (because you know she never would) or no, you shouldn’t have let out that you’re going to step aside? How crazy that we’re even at this point with these people? How could anyone put either of these two characters in any position of power?




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