USA Today Gets Ripped Apart For Trying to Add 'Context' to Democrat Covidiot Politicians Violating Their Own Guidelines

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As we reported earlier, USA Today did the best they could to provide cover for Joe Biden’s proposed press secretary, Jen Psaki, when old pictures from 2014 emerged of her wearing a Communist hammer and sickle hat with Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov and other Russians in January 2014.


As we explained no one made any “claims” about the picture other than the obvious and true statement that she was wearing a hammer and sickle hat with the Russians. There was no need to add “context” except to spin and provide cover for the Democrats. The only context that determined how the media was going to deal with the situation.

But USA Today was extra busy today. Not only did they try to provide cover to Jen Psaki, they were stuck with having to spin for all the Democratic politicians caught violating their own Wuhan coronavirus edicts.

Here are some of the violators, in actions so shameless, that even CNN calls them out. They “did the exact opposite” of what they told constituents to do, CNN says. When even CNN gets it, you know it’s bad.


So here comes USA Today’s “missing context, part 2.”

While USA Today admitted that many people like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Lori Lightfoot and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had all violated or tried to go around their own guidance/restrictions on the virus, they tried to claim “context,” that people in the White House ‘flouted’ coronavirus guidelines too.

This of course is nonsense. The White House isn’t flouting any guidelines they were trying to impose on people, that was all the Democrats who were being hypocrites. The White House isn’t imposing guidelines on the states, they don’t have the power to do so, that’s all on local leaders.

So you can’t excuse or deflect from Democrats’ hypocrisy with this lame reasoning. But even if the Republicans had violated their own guidelines, would that mean that the Democrats hadn’t? Of course not. It’s just an attempt to try to blunt the criticism.

Bottom line it’s not missing any context, USA Today, you just don’t want to admit it’s true and you want to excuse Democrats. And had the story been about something President Donald Trump did, you would not be trying to blunt it by showing Democrats did it too. That’s the problem and that’s why Americans no longer trust you. Because we’ve seen to much of this over and over and over again.


USA Today got ratioed big time over this, justly deserved.

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