Biden Mocks a Reporter for Asking a Question as Biden's Staff Tries to Get the Press Out of There

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One of the things that never got the attention it really should have from the mainstream media during the campaign is how short-tempered and nasty Joe Biden can be with anyone who asks him a question that he doesn’t like.


We saw that several times, when Biden lost it on voters or media who dared question him.

You may recall him infamously calling someone a “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” threatening an autoworker to take him “outside” and even screaming in CBS’s Ed O’Keefe’s face, grabbing his lapels and tapping him in the chest with his fist.

But he’s often been very churlish with the media, despite them bending over backwards to toss him softballs or cut him a break.

But there has been at least one reporter who has been trying to do his job when it comes to asking questions of Joe Biden. That’s Bo Erickson of CBS News. But that of course has earned the continuing ire of Biden.

Biden let Erickson have it for daring to ask a real question today.

“Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?” Biden declared, trying to mock Erickson.

I’m sure that Biden didn’t actually get how revealing his comment actually was. Erickson is the only guy willing to pursue questions.

So let’s compare the kid gloves with which the media treats Biden comparatively speaking to how they treat the Trump administration. Case in point this incident we reported on yesterday where multiple folks were just screaming after Vice President Mike Pence finished his briefing about the Wuhan coronavirus and some just wanted to yell for the camera about Trump challenging the election.


Unbelievable. But it just shows how different the media treats the Trump administration vs. Biden/Democrats.

Notice how no one else in the media in the case of Biden is taking issue with how he treated Erickson.

And unlike the statements flung at Pence, that were meant to push Democratic talking points, this was a real journalist’s question for Biden, but Biden mocked him and couldn’t be bothered to actually answer, as his staff tried to rush the reporter and the other press out the door to prevent any questions from being asked.

The media is going to end up missing how well they were treated under Trump but most are still going to do all they can to pimp for Joe Biden.

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