Media Completely Lose Their Minds, Start Screaming at Pence After Briefing

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Vice President Mike Pence did a coronavirus task force briefing today.

But it was what happened at the end that was completely unbelievable.

Apparently some in the media were disturbed that Pence wasn’t taking any questions at the end of the briefing.


Now keep in mind that these are the same people who were largely content to not ask Joe Biden any real questions on the campaign trail or to pursue/complain about him always calling a lid early in the day so he never had to answer any questions about the scandal involving pay for play concerning him and his son. He’s probably the least vetted presidential candidate on the campaign trail in recent history because the media really didn’t want to mess up his chances or put him on the spot.

So let’s compare how they react to Biden blowing them off and refusing to answer questions.

No reaction.

Let’s now take a look at the absolute bedlam the media unleashed on Pence. This is nuts.

Multiple people start screaming, one yelling out that Pence and the others are all working to undermine our democracy because of refusal to work with the transition. “You’re all undermining the Democratic election! Every one of you!”


This is journalism? What a shameful display! These folks are little more than Democratic operatives, their bias all out in the open. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. Remember how they never had any such display when Al Gore was contesting the election?

Pence gave them all the respect they deserved after how they have done their darnedest to mischaracterize and diminish this administration.

What’s the reality? That Trump has gotten vaccines in historically record time because of his efforts with Operation Warp Speed. So monumental that even CNN, who hates his guts, had to acknowledge how amazing that was.


If Trump did nothing else (and he did a ton of other things), that alone would be a major accomplishment to save who knows how many lives. It’s also something that likely Joe Biden would not have been able to do, because of the lack of belief in the involvement of private industry partnerships.

Unfortunately, people didn’t know that before the election even though Trump said it was coming because media did all they could to suggest Trump was lying about it. It isn’t Trump who owes anything to the media, it’s media that owes the Trump administration and the American people a big apology for how they have completely failed in the job they are supposed to do of real objective journalism.

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