Biden Emerges from the Basement for a Few Words, but Trips Over His Own Incoherence Again

President Donald Trump’s legal challenges are wending their way through the courts, with recounts and audits underway.

But Joe Biden, who declared himself “president-elect” in the eyes of the media before anything was certified, and before any vote of the Electoral College despite his promise not to do so, is still imploding.


I’m not sure exactly what he’s trying to say here beyond that it costs money to detail the National Guard. But he went into glitching overload.

Nothing to worry about, right?

Here’s more.

Um, that’s the “Defense Production Act.” That thing that Trump employed back in March when Joe was given this talking point. He’s never updated the talking point despite the fact that Trump used the Act, the shortages no longer exist and we have record testing. He’s still locked into the outdated talking point because he really has no more than he could do that Trump hasn’t already done.

Remember how Democrats and the media were trying to do everything they could to impugn President Donald Trump? Yet none of them apparently think Biden’s obvious cognitive issues are even worthy of comment.

Does anyone really think this guy can competently serve? It’s one more reason it’s hard to imagine the vote totals for him. Of course, that’s why the Democrats tried to hide him in the basement so much.


If he prevails in the election question, will he even make it past the window where Kamala Harris is the required default? And if he does, God help our country, for we will then be in true trouble if he’s in this condition.

Just for comparison’s sake, when we’re talking about cognitive decline, let’s compare to his infamous predator speech, so you can see how much he’s declined.



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