MSNBC Throws Trump a Life Line In Pennsylvania, Explains More Ballots Coming That May 'Skew Trump'

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It’s been rather strange to watch Fox News seemingly keep throwing cold water on President Donald Trump’s path to 270 by insisting, for example, almost immediately on election night that he lost Arizona.


It’s perhaps equally as strange to watch CNN and MSNBC, of all places, seemingly throwing out life lines to Trump, such as with CNN’s Chris Cuomo saying there was still a pathway for Trump to win Arizona after Fox had written it off.

Now MSNBC is giving Trump another life line, saying that there are still 100,000 provisional ballots in Pennsylvania which are “skewing Trump” as well as 100,000 mail-in.

The present count at the moment has Joe Biden ahead by about 14,000 in the state. So 100,000 skewing Trump can make a huge difference.

In other words, Pennsylvania is still very much up in the air and could still go Trump despite Biden presently having the lead.

That’s not even mentioning all the questions about problems with voting, poll watching and the state changing the rules midstream against what the law was in Pennsylvania to allow for the counting of ballots without postmarks for example.

However it works out, it’s a royal mess in Pennsylvania.


Do they even know how many ballots they have? It doesn’t sound like it.

And the problem is that it looks like ballots just keep coming until they can guarantee a Biden win. This isn’t the way to handle an election. Especially when they do things like keep poll watchers out. One has to ask: What is it that you are trying to prevent people from seeing when you do things like that?

According to the Inquirer, they have until next Tuesday to determine the provisional ballots and they have to walk through each of them by hand to double check them. So 100,000 is going to take awhile and we may have to wait for bit yet on those.

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