Even CNN's Chris Cuomo Now Admitting Things Could Line Up for a Trump Win in Arizona

As we reported yesterday and overnight, despite early calls of Arizona going to Joe Biden, the state may in fact ultimately go to President Donald Trump.

While Fox is still insistent on holding onto that early call, other media like the New York Times have pulled back on that or have refused to make a final call yet.


As we reported the President’s team says they expect to win Arizona based on how the votes have been breaking, with over 57% of the ballots breaking toward Trump and that they expect it to be clear that Trump has won the presidency by Friday.

As I wrote last night, Rachel Maddow was shocked to learn from her own MSNBC analyst, that yes, what the Trump folks were saying was true and that Trump could win. “Oh, God,” Maddow said in priceless response.

Now even CNN has had to admit begrudgingly that Trump could win based on the ballots that are still being counted. Assuming he hit that 57% or over mark with each batch, he could win they conceded.


Now of course, that’s presuming things continue to line up for Trump. The remaining numbers are in Maricopa and rural counties, so it could. But if CNN has to even admit it, you know how overwhelming the reality truly is.

How hard it must be for CNN and especially Chris Cuomo to have to admit this and to admit essentially that Trump could still win.

But while they really hate Trump, they also need Trump, as a network. They have no ratings, they are only a shadow of what they once were. Their meat over the last few years, just like MSNBC, has been stoking the Trump hate of their viewers. If he goes away, they have nothing left.

It’s 2020, and it’s definitely been a bizarre year and it promises to finish up the same way.



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