Chiefs and Texans Pre-Game 'Moment of Unity' Gets Booed by Fans


People are just tired of the efforts to preach at them in professional sports.

This became eminently clear during the first game of the season between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans on Thursday night. They had an audience, albeit at half attendance because of the virus.

They played the song some call the “Black National Anthem” “Life Every Voice and Sing” and Houston Texans left the field during that. Then they came back and then when the National Anthem played, they left the field again. The Kansas City Chiefs stood during both. During the National Anthem, defensive end Alex Okafor knelt with his fist in the air.

One of the singers wore a shirt with George Floyd on it and the other wore a shirt with Breonna Taylor on it, both shirts saying “rest in power.” The singers raised their fists at the end of the song.

After all that, both the teams and coaching staff locked arms in a “moment of unity.’ “Please join us in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country,” the announcer at the stadium stated ahead of the moment.

On the scoreboard was this:

They then seemed surprised that people booed them during the ‘moment.’

There were even allegedly shouts of “Trump 2020” and “just play.”

Folks on the left are already interpreting this as “racist.”

If I were to hazard a guess, people are just tired of politics in a football game, making the National Anthem not about the National Anthem. Most people want unity but they don’t view this as really trying to achieve unity. They’re tired of the endorsement of the BLM that isn’t really about unity but has been connected to rioting, assaults, death, and disunity.

But there was something else that the moment seemed to have missed that perhaps should have been there, considering the timing and talking about “unity.”

HT: Twitchy