BLM Violates Right of Black Woman to Drive Down the Street, She Lets Them Have It, Says They Called Her Racial Slur

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Black Lives Matter is allegedly supposed to be about black lives.

But again and again, their actions indicate that’s really not what it’s about.

If it was truly about black lives, they’d care about how the riots have hurt black communities. If it were truly about black lives they’d care about more than just the rare case of police shooting death. If it were really about black lives, they’d actually care about the facts in each case and wouldn’t riot for a suicide. If it were really about black lives, rioters wouldn’t be stopping, assaulting, or killing black people or destroying their businesses, all of which have happened during the riots.

In Portland on Sunday, there was a perfect example of how it really isn’t about black lives. Mostly white BLM folks stopped a black woman from continuing to drive down the street. She was not cowed by their act and let them have it.

Warning for graphic language.

They claimed to her that they were a “non-violent” protest, an incredible claim after 101 nights of rioting, attacking the city and the police. She comes right back at them and says they’re setting fires, that’s “violence.” They tell her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Are they going to tell her what it’s like to be black? The woman also claimed that she was called a racial slur by them.

One of the people blocking the car then claims that she should stop pushing the car into them. She hadn’t moved the car. Had it not been for the intercession of the black BLM guy, it clearly was about to escalate. He then had to walk her through the crowd/checkpoint and barriers, saying “Make a hole.”

Almost as if this were less about black lives and more about radical leftist control.

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