CBS Claims Riots in Rochester 'Largely Peaceful,' Gets Dunked Around the Block by Sharyl Attkisson and the Internet

AP Photo/Noah Berger

As I reported on Friday night, thousands of BLM rioted in Rochester last night. By one count, there were 5,500 people in the street.

But they upped their attacks a bit tonight. They not only smashed windows and set things on fire; they stormed into the restaurants demanding the businesses shut down, smashing dishes, overturning tables, threatening and intimidating diners, some of whom fled in terror in some very disturbing videos.

There were also multiple confrontations/scuffles with folks on the street.

The BLM are literally the fascists of whom they complain: intimidating people and bashing businesses like the Red Guard or the Brown Shirts.

BLM also attacked the police, throwing projectiles and fireworks at them. Police ultimately had to fire tear gas and pepper balls at them to break it up.

Notice not only all the helmets but the guy with the leaf blower. They’re fully outfitting with all the riot gear. And a really powerful firework.

But how did CBS describe it? “Largely peaceful.”

Pray tell, CBS? Why were the “largely peaceful” folks carrying shields? Wearing helmets? Carrying umbrellas when it wasn’t raining? Because they didn’t intend to be “largely peaceful” and were not. They literally had shield battle lines to fight the cops.

Sharyl Attkisson took on the fallacy not only about the “largely peaceful” but also blaming the police in the tweet for the violent rioters.

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