BLM in D.C. Assault People in Streets, Accost People Leaving Republican Convention Including Vernon Jones, Brian Mast

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BLM protest, Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump gave his final acceptance speech of the RNC acceptance at the White House on Thursday evening with many people in attendance on the lawn.


But outside the White House, the BLM mob was gathering.

The BLM had hoped to be so loud that that they might drown out the event. They failed at that which made them incredibly frustrated as one can see in this picture.

Some carried a Rev Com banner for “Revolution Nothing Less.”

They chanted “if we don’t get it, burn it down” outside St. John’s church, then also across from the White House and threatened to beat up a cop.

Paging the Secret Service…

They attacked an elderly man twice because they accused him of touching a black woman’s megaphone.


They got to people who were leaving the RNC.

As my colleague Jennifer Van Laar reported, they surrounded Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his wife on the way out of the event and the couple was only able to get back to their hotel with police help.

They also surrounded Democratic Georgia state representative Vernon Jones who was one of the speakers at the RNC in support of the president.

They asked if he was a Trump supporter and then screamed at him that he was a “disgrace” and a “house [n-word].”

These people are psychopaths. Warning for language.


They don’t seem to get why their actions give people ever more impetus to vote for Trump when they see the leftist madness. They claim Trump is destroying America while they are harassing and assaulting people in the streets.

Perhaps the best response to their insanity was Rep. Brian Mast, who after losing his legs in war, stood up in their faces.

“You’re not afraid for your safety,” he was asked him. Mast replied, “No, should I be?” putting them on their heels. They then demanded to know what he thought of “police officers killing black people” to which he gave the perfect answer that everyone deserves due process. That right answer triggered them, “oh, all lives matter.” Yes, stunningly, what a thought. Thank you, Rep. Mast.


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