BLM Marcher Tries to Shoot At Car, Hits Two Other Protesters Instead

Screenshot via CBS
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A Black Lives Matter mural is scrubbed away in Redwood City, Cali. after a Trump supporter proposed creating a “MAGA” mural. (Screenshot via CBS)

We already reported on some of the riot action in Aurora, Colorado earlier.


BLM rioters attacked the courthouse and the police station.

But things went south for the radical extremists when they flooded onto the highway, I-225.

How many time have they done this now with it going wrong?

While traffic was stopped one way, the other way traffic was still coming through on the other side.

A BLM marcher shot at the jeep which doesn’t appear to have hit anyone, perhaps puncturing his tire, but as the local news noted definitely hitting at least one other protester.

So who did the extremists blame? Police, of course, saying that the police that they want to abolish didn’t sufficiently protect them. Incredible. If there were no police, they wouldn’t have had any help at all and the police should have cleared them all immediately and this wouldn’t have happened.


Extremists then tried to dox the jeep driver on social media and blame him as well. They posted a picture of the passenger in the jeep and the license plate of the car, claiming he hit protesters.

According to the Denver’s CBS Local, one wounded person was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Another later showed up at the hospital with a graze wound. It’s not clear what the names of the people are yet.

Police need to stop allowing this nonsense on the highway. It’s illegal to block a highway and they should all be locked up.


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