NY Woman Defending Teddy Roosevelt Statue Lights Up Young Leftist When He Gets in Her Face

NY Woman Defending Teddy Roosevelt Statue Lights Up Young Leftist When He Gets in Her Face
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Protesters were out in front of the Teddy Roosevelt’s statue in from of the Museum of Natural History in New York on Sunday.

Except this time the majority of them weren’t there trying to rip down the statue, they were there to defend it and call on the Museum to let it stay where it has been in front of the Museum since 1940.

About 150 people, some waving American flags, shouting “Save Teddy” and “Save our history!” spoke on why they thought the Museum should not remove the statue.

From NY Post:

“This statue is of a proud American. Was he perfect? No. No one was perfect… he did a lot for this country,” said Gavin Wax, president of the New York Young Republicans Club, which organized the demonstration.

“We’re here today because we’ve bettered ourselves as a society and we continue to better ourselves as a society,” Wax said. “But we’ll never be able to do that anymore if we continue to tear down our history and forget our past — and we’ll be doomed to repeat it.”

There were also counter-protesters there who called for it to be removed, claiming it was “glorifying colonialism.”

While the Museum is privately run, the statue is on public land. The city agreed, both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have approved of the removal. The Museum said they were removing it because of the “movement for racial justice” in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and that statues were “hurtful symbols of systemic racism.”

Apparently it’s bad simply because there’s an American Indian figure and an African man on either side of Teddy Roosevelt because he’s on a horse and critics argue they’re in “lesser position.” But they ignore the history of the statue, as we previously reported.

According to the artist, “The two figures at [Roosevelt’s] side are guides symbolizing the continents of Africa and America, and if you choose may stand for Roosevelt’s friendliness to all races,” sculptor James Earle Fraser said in 1940.

As Harriet Senie, who is the Director of the MA program for Art History and Art Museum Studies at the City College of New York, said the architect called the figures “heroic” as a group.

“Pope refers to the figures as a ‘heroic group.’ “That’s important. In some criticisms, the standing figures were taken to be lesser than Roosevelt. That was never the intention. They are allegorical figures representing Africa and America,” she said.

Here’s the folks defending the statue singing the National Anthem.

But perhaps the best part of the event was when a woman lit up one of the leftist counter-protesters. He made the wrong move when he cursed at the older woman.

But this is one of the things, destruction of the four olds, of not only culture and statues, but respect for the elders that’s been happening with this movement. And she lets him have it, in classic New York style.

Right on target. She speaks for the majority of Americans who reject this radical insanity.

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