Jim Acosta Seems Shaken by the Sight of a National Guardsman, but Here's What Most of America Sees

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Jim Acosta

Liberal media has largely ripped off any remaining masks of impartiality that they may have had as they have gone all-out during the pandemic and in the last week or so with the riots to bash President Donald Trump at every opportunity.


I think it’s that they just can’t take the fact that, despite all their efforts, despite impeachment, fake news, and constant attack Trump is a bit like a phoenix, always rising from the ashes of whatever attack they toss at him.

He’s doing it again with the economy rising from the crushing lockdowns of the pandemic, as surprising numbers indicated that it’s coming back and the job numbers were much better than projected. He encouraged the states to open up as much as they possibly could and stop the lockdowns.

But CNN’s Jim Acosta posted an interesting picture from Washington, D.C., which he apparently thought was worthy of great note, a member of the National Guard, eating his dinner.

Acosta sounds like his thought is “Dear Diary, I saw a scary military dude eating lunch near the White House. The world is ending.” Some Democrats in response to his tweet shouted “Dictatorship!”

But you know what the rational people see in that picture, Jim? They see an American, doing his duty to protect other Americans. And what to me is quite striking is how there is nothing burning or looted anywhere near him. Why? Because he’s there. Because he had to be there to quell leftist insanity.


Let’s compare.

There could be no sharper contrast after a week of riots and cities in flames, than the calm restored in that picture.

Here’s another contrast: The calm in that picture of the National Guard versus Democrats calling to defund the police.

Yet, while Acosta and other media might be bothered by the picture of the National Guard, they don’t seem as bothered by the riots or by insane calls like wanting to defund the police.

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