Tired of the Pandemic and Riots? This Is The Video You Might Need Right Now

Katie Pavlich
AP featured image
National Guard troops patrol Washington D.C.

Are you tired of pandemics?

Tired of riots?

People surely need some fun and relief after 2020 that has proven to be one of the most “What the Heck Is Going On” years in my memory.


I know I surely do and I suspect everyone else does too. I think being locked up for months has contributed in some ways to the violence of the riots.

But it’s pretty clear that if Memorial Day didn’t kill the virus, the riots have now done it in, with just all kinds of people including Democrats now apparently sanction things in the name of protest that just a week ago they would have attacked people for, saying that people would be killing Grandma.

Now the National Guard has been detailed to many cities to help out with the riots and so far, they seem to be having an effect in some of the hard hit cities like Minneapolis and Washington, D.C., although Mayor Muriel Bowser got the Guard booted from the hotels in which they were staying because she wanted to pander to Black Lives Matter. She didn’t give a darn about the aid which the Guard had rendered to her city and how they have protected citizens.

We all should be acknowledging the folks who have had to stand in the gap with these riots and thank the Guard who are performing yeoman’s work. While Bowser may not appreciate what they’ve done, we do.


So with that in mind and in honor of them, here’s a shot of some fun. Mostly no masks, no social distancing, maybe some “bad knees” and boy, is it nice to see smiles and a little joy after the last few months. It’s really hard not to join in when the Macarena comes on.

Leftist protester reaction? Many of them were how dare they dance! That might dissuade some of the other leftists from thinking the Guard is evil and slow down our revolution! They’re so focused on that, they could’t see the humanity in the moment. But let’s hope some of them got it and it broke through a little.


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