Brit Hume Gets Attacked by the Mask Police After He Makes Comments on Biden's Masked Appearance

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Brit Hume says President Trump got “rolled” on debt deal with Democrats.

We reported earlier how the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden went to a veterans memorial and laid a wreath for Memorial Day. Then some in media and a Democratic operative contrasted that with a picture of President Donald Trump golfing, misleading people into thinking that Trump had golfed and ignored Memorial Day when in fact he both went to ceremonies both at Arlington Cemetery and Fort McHenry.


But we had a thought about Biden and his mask, and it pretty much was like what Brit Hume thought.

Can we just say this is goofy look for a guy who already has a goofy look?

Brit Hume also made the point that this was basically virtue signaling. If Biden has been quarantined in his basement basically since March and he’s just walking outside several feet to a memorial with his wife to leave a wreath, why does he need a mask? From what the media showed, he wasn’t near anyone. Maybe traveling in the car if he thinks that’s a concern to anyone.

Hume was immediately set upon by the Democrats screaming “science.” But the science, as we note, doesn’t support that, if the point of the mask is to prevent you from giving it to anyone, if he and his wife don’t have it, have been quarantined for months and are socially distanced from others.


How about not wearing it and explaining why so you have people really understanding the science?

Nope. Because again, it’s really not about science.

Klain was saying on February 13 that we had no virus epidemic, that we were in danger of having a “fear epidemic” that he preached against. And he congratulated Mayor de Blasio for fighting against that. He also encouraged people to go out to Chinatown and get something to eat in February. Any wonder why New York City was so impacted by the virus? Biden of course was also speaking against travel restrictions at the time, he didn’t acknowledge they were right until April.


Again, imagine if he had been president, how many more people would have gotten it and died, because he wouldn’t have shut travel, would have been taken in by WHO, would never criticize China, wouldn’t know how to work with private industry, etc. It would be a horror show.

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