Gov. Cuomo Says 'It's Not My Responsibility' In Response to Question If He Could Have Acted Earlier

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo briefs the media during a coronavirus news conference at his office in New York City, Saturday, May 9, 2020. (John Roca/New York Post via AP, Pool)

A few months back when President Donald Trump was asked about the delay in tests and if he was responsible for that, Trump responded that no, he “didn’t take responsibility at all for that.”

Nor was it his fault, as Dr. Anthony Fauci explained. The initial delay in testing was due to a couple major reasons. First, the CDC makes its own test and the initial effort had a problem in the manufacturing and that created a delay. Second, because of the regulations in place for testing approvals that had nothing to do with Trump, they weren’t able to have states just go and do testing without FDA approvals for the tests. Third, they’d never been presented with such a situation for the massive degrees of tests before. But Trump resolved the regulatory issues, delegated out to local testing and got tests going on a massive scale.

But Democrats and media took that line and ran with it prominently, ‘Trump says he doesn’t take responsibility.’

So given that, we wonder what they will say about Gov. Andrew Cuomo using that same line, but where he actually has a lot of responsibility for the bad result in New York.

This guy, seriously, he’s so full of it. Listen to him claim that no one knew about the virus in January, February, March, so how was he supposed to know to prepare for it? That not only wasn’t it his responsibility but that it was “above his pay grade” to have further mitigated it.


How could anyone think this scrambling weasel was “presidential” or worthy of praise for his actions? By the way, he’s also wrong on the dates he gives for the travel bans which were China (Jan. 31) and Europe (March 12). But everyone knew about the virus by February.

Here’s the thing. Trump cut travel with China on Jan. 31. At that point there was no community spread noted here and there wasn’t until the end of February. So yes, there was reason to believe it might have been caught in the interim. The nature of it also wasn’t clear because of CCP lies. But once it hit March it was clear there had been community spread. Yet still Cuomo did nothing about the subways. He didn’t even start disinfecting them until May. By the way, they’re using “powerful UV light” to help disinfect them, wonder who they got that idea from (hint: Trump). Indeed, de Blasio encouraged people to travel the subways. Both he and the NYC Health Commissioner told people to go out and party, take the subway, don’t change your behavior. They didn’t shut down the schools, until the middle of March. Not to mention Cuomo’s horrible nursing home order on March 25 which exposed thousands to the virus, which is all on him.


Remember when he promised to track down the contacts of the person who brought it in to New York on March 1? According to the New York Times, he never did.

If it’s “above his pay grade,” perhaps he should just resign now.

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