Media Thinks Lawsuit Against Fox Is Great, Until They Get Owned and Have to Defend Fox

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Some in mainstream media cheered when the Washington League For Increased Transparency& Ethics (WASHLITE) filed a lawsuit against Fox News seeking an injunction to prevent Fox from “interfering with reasonable and necessary measures to contain the virus by publishing further false and deceptive content.”

Translation: a leftist organization claiming to care about transparency wants to shut down news or opinion they don’t like. What a way to not have transparency or First Amendment rights for that matter.

Fox is fighting back saying this is a danger to the First Amendment. “Plaintiffs’ position would allow the government to censor not just Fox News but also CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, ESPN, and every other cable network. That is as dangerous as it is frivolous,” they said in response.

From Times of San Diego:

“Fox’s commentary on the coronavirus is core political speech on a matter of public concern — how dangerous the coronavirus is, and how society and the government should respond to it,” Fox lawyers said April 23.

“Under both the First Amendment and state law, the value of this type of speech must be resolved through free and open debate in the marketplace of ideas — not through litigation seeking to impose legal penalties on statements alleged to be ‘false’ or contrary to official government pronouncements.”

But what’s really humorous is who is now joining them in the fight, filing an amicus brief with the court, the Internet & Television Association (NCTA) and The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP). They argued against the claim that from WASHLITE that “cable programmers do not have First Amendment rights.”


From Daily Caller:

NCTA is made up of the owners of major media companies. Members include Warner Media, which owns CNN and HLN, Comcast, which owns NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo and A&E, which owns Vice TV.

Similarly, RCFP includes many well-known reporters and executives from publications such as ABC News, CNN, the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others.

The organizations argued that Fox was entitled to the First Amendment protections.

Hilarious that first media folks started this to harm Fox and now have to defend it, to prevent themselves from going under.

Sounds about right. Maybe they shouldn’t have tried to do this in the first place? How about making their own networks better rather than trying to take out Fox?


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