Janice Dean Drops Oliver Darcy When He Goes After Fox for Having Different Opinions on Trump and Hydroxychloroquine

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Janice Dean attends a screening of “A Lifetime of Sundays” at The Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Fox senior meteorologist Janice Dean has certainly been vocal lately, primarily shining a light on the horrific handling of nursing homes during the pandemic by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York officials here and here.

But she also took on CNN’s Oliver Darcy in defense of Fox.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote earlier, Darcy attacked Fox for having varying views on the president taking hydroxychloroquine.

What’s astonishing is that he doesn’t realize that yes, that’s how normal people react when they aren’t being mandated to all stick to a narrative. That yes, some people might disagree, that yes, on this subject even doctors disagree. Many are in fact taking the drug as a preventative. That this shows once again that Fox, which CNN likes to paint as cult-like or “state TV,” is far from it, while CNN is the “hive mind,” only one narrative allowed.

“Can’t get its story straight…What are viewers to believe,” Darcy says, therein exposing his problem. It isn’t up to him to tell viewers what to believe. It’s to present facts, such as opposing opinions and viewers get to decide for themselves what to believe.


Janice Dean took him on and tried to school him.

But Darcy being Darcy and CNN, he wasn’t listening.

Which doesn’t change that it’s been approved by the FDA for decades for other uses, in addition to being used as a malaria preventive it’s also been used by folks with conditions like lupus, all outside of a hospital setting. It’s being prescribed by thousands of doctors across the country outside of a hospital setting and being used by doctors themselves as a preventative. Now, if one is a journalist one would know this. But this is CNN.

Dean then makes the point I keep making all the time: what really is all this objection about hydroxychloroquine about? You can only get it (legally) if a doctor prescribes it. So if this is what his doctor believes is best and has prescribed it, Darcy is essentially trying to interfere with his non-medical opinion into what the doctor thinks is the proper prescription under the circumstances.


Bottom line, doctor can prescribe it as an “off label use” and that’s between Trump and his doctor, not CNN or anyone else.

What is all this really about? Trying to attack Trump and Fox no matter what, that’s the basic aim of CNN. But Dean and most Americans are having none of that, as CNN’s impoverished ratings show.

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