Janice Dean and Others Rip Andrew Cuomo After He Downplays Nursing Home Deaths, Says 'Older People' Going to Die

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Gov. Cuomo Praises Trump’s Handling of Wuhan Coronavirus

As my colleague Streiff reported earlier, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just made an incredibly disgusting statement in the wake of all the nursing home deaths, a lot of which can be attributed to him because of his March 25 order requiring nursing homes to accept patients who were positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.


He said that older people are going to die anyway, no matter what you do.

So basically, don’t blame him for his order and don’t prosecute anyone in the scandal of the nursing home deaths because they’re all just going to die anyway, oh, well. And if that’s true, why did we have a lockdown?

What an astonishingly insensitive comment. And isn’t this the same guy who said we were all supposed to lockdown because our older people were not expendable? Which is it? Or does it depend on whether he’s going to get in trouble?

Maybe “May Andrew Cuomo” (in trouble over his actions) needs to check with “March Andrew Cuomo” and learn the elderly aren’t expendable?


Oh, we’d never hear the end of it if Trump had said anything even close to it, that’s for sure.

Fox Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said both of her husband’s parents died in the nursing homes because of the virus. She wants answers and she was not happy with Cuomo’s comments.


Here are her mother in law and father in law who died in April.

These are the folks we have lost because of this travesty. Thousands who are important like Mickey and Dee.

Janice Dean and others, including Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and former New York Governor George Pataki, had called for an investigation into the scandal.

On top of all this, it was just revealed at the end of the past week, that New York had changed how they were counting nursing home deaths, deliberately undercounting deaths connected to nursing homes by not counting them as nursing home deaths if the patient died in the hospital. This removed almost 500 deaths from the count since the end of last month. They changed the way they were counting after Cuomo and the state came under fire for nursing home deaths.


Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon said Cuomo was incorrect and that yes, there should be prosecutions and legal liability.


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