Love It: Final of 'Liberal Hack Tournament' Is Today, Vote During the Super Bowl For Your Favorite

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Here’s a little fun for your Super Bowl day.

Twitter user Comfortably Smug started the “2020 Comfortably Smug #LiberalHack Tournament” and voting began on January 24th.


All your favorite liberal hacks were pitted against each other, from CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and contributor, “conservative” Jennifer Rubin.

You can check the match-ups and the seeding here or for more check Smug’s timeline.

Stelter, a No. 1 seed, handily won the “Way Too Online Hacks” division of the tournament against Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast, earning 85.7 percent of the vote. In the Final Four he then triumphed against “Establishment Hack” division winner Rachel Maddow, who had defeated the number three seed, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

Meanwhile, Acosta got into the final four by beating out bested his colleague, CNN anchor Don Lemon, who got a huge boost after he called Trump supporters “credulous boomer rubes.” However, Acosta was dusted in an upset by the “conservative” Jennifer Rubin, the No. 2 seed. She made it into the final four by knocking off the other fake conservative, CNN’s Ana Navarro.


So now it’s down to the final two competitors, CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin.

Voting will be going on tonight during halftime of the Super Bowl.

So make sure you go and vote for your favorite liberal hack!

From Fox Wilmington

A spokesman for Smug Industries told Fox News: “Smug thanks every lib entrant remaining. We’re looking at real generational talents here. The final four hacks share a lot of key qualities: shamelessness, immunity to cognitive dissonance, paranoia, hypocrisy, and a loose relationship to facts. Victory will go to whoever wants it most. With 832,296 votes cast so far, one thing is clear: this is all coming down to turnout.”


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