Watch: Woman Grabs Pope Francis, Furious Pope Smacks Her Hands to Let Him Go

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Pope Francis was in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City today, greeting pilgrims, and shaking their hands.

As he turned away from the people to leave, a woman who had hoped to shake his hand, grabs his hand and pulls him back very strongly, saying something to him that is not clear.


He appears to wince, then smacks her hands multiple times to let him go, yelling at her and very angry in response.

Reuters decorously describes his face as “disgruntled” which is perhaps less than accurate.

You can be the judge.

This Catholic account that follows and reports on his actions, said that he told her to let go.

People had a variety of reactions, from “she pulled him too hard and he’s human,” to wow, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Pope smack a woman or have a look like that on his face.”




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