Politicians and Media 'Horrified' by Monsey Attack, but They've Been Ignoring and Not Addressing Anti-Semitic Attacks

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People were horrified to hear about the machete attack on a rabbi’s home during a Hanukkah party on Saturday night. Five people were wounded in the attack, two critically. Grafton Thomas, 37, has been arrested and identified as the suspect in the attack.


Politicians are now putting out reactions, including how horrified they all are, as they should be.

But this is only the latest in a string of attacks on Jews in the New York area that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, from the authorities and politicians, or from the media.

While the media did pay attention to the deadly attack in nearby Jersey City on a kosher store, when four people were killed by two extremists who had a connection to the Black Hebrew Israelites, there have been continual assaults in New York City that haven’t gotten attention.

As the NY Post noted just two days ago, there had been eight attacks just this past week during Hanukkah, all being investigated as anti-Semitic hate crimes. Police called the spree of attacks “alarming.” All but one occurred in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Virtually all the attacks are similar, Jews walking on the street, approached then punched or otherwise assaulted, with an expletive “F–k you, Jew!” One incident involved a man running into a Lubavitch center and yelling about shooting people with a gun.

One reason that media may not be giving the incidents the coverage they deserve is that the attacks don’t fit the “white nationalist” mold into which the media seems to want to confine anti-Semitism. Virtually all the attackers are black men or women and that doesn’t fit that narrative.


But then another problem is not only is there a lack of attention and media coverage, there’s a lack of accountability/punishment, thanks to the liberal change in laws.

Tiffany Harris allegedly punched three Orthodox Jewish women this week, yelling “F–k you, Jews” as she attacked them. She was released without bail despite admitting the crime to the police, having an open harassment and assault case from November 2018, and having a conviction for felony criminal mischief for which she served no time and for which she failed to make court appearances.

The new law which they have already been putting into effect requires suspects to be released in assaults if the attack doesn’t cause a physical injury, even if it’s a hate crime.

From NY Post:

The no-injury loophole will mean a quick get-out-of-jail-free card for all but one of the accused attackers in the eight Hanukkah-timed, anti-Semitic bias crimes that have terrified the city’s Orthodox communities.

“You have to beat the hell out of somebody — or murder them — for there to be any consequences,” said former state lawmaker Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism. “Otherwise, you are set free.”

He continued: “It’s open season in New York — open season on innocent people. On Jews, on Muslims, on gay people. It applies to anybody. But it’s the Jewish people in particular who have been targeted.”


“They were released on no bail?” a 32-year-old Orthodox man asked a Post reporter near where the three women were attacked. “Disgusting.”

Steve Benjamin, 30, of Borough Park, said, “We’re scared to walk at night in the street.

“There is a lot of hate here and I don’t know why. People in the community are scared. It’s very dangerous. It’s just like remembering the days before World War II. I don’t let my kids out alone.

“It should be more justice — they arrest them, but they let them out of jail a day later.”


Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) blamed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for failing to do anything about the anti-Semitic attacks on Saturday, before the attack in Monsey, saying there had been a “massive leadership failure” and de Blasio’s answer has been “another press conference.”

De Blasio has now promised more police patrols in affected areas.


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