How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Homeless in Los Angeles? Cruise Ship!

A homeless man walks along a street lined with trash across the street from LAPD Central Community Police Station in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The union that represents the LAPD is demanding a cleanup of homeless encampments in the city after one detective who works downtown was diagnosed with typhoid fever and two others are showing similar symptoms. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)


We reported earlier today about the Los Angeles effort to deal with the homeless problem, which has been rampant.

They haven’t actually solved anything about the homeless problem, though. But Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is providing the homeless some garbage bins in which they can keep their possessions.

They were provided $1.2 billion dollars to fund housing three years ago, yet haven’t completed a single building. The apartments they were considering building would have cost $531,373 per apartment, according to Twitchy.

One would have thought you were providing a beach apartment in Malibu, instead of s simply apartment. But government being government, and then L.A. government being L.A. government, probably makes it 10x as much.


But now, there’s a new idea of how to deal with the problem.

Oakland City Council President Rebecca Kapan has a new idea.

From a $531,373 apartment that doesn’t get built, now you can actually live on a cruise ship!

She’s considering moving 1000 homeless people onto a ship docked in the port of Oakland.

Will they be providing the spa and the massage services too? And how much will that all cost the taxpayers?

All of that isn’t clear, of course. Expect that to become another boondoggle.

But it’s probably better than the idea than some other cities had – shipping the homeless to Hawaii.


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